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Get to know more about ⚡️CAPTAIN-X⚡️ within the #COVIDXSuccessStories! Remote personalised care and monitoring assistant for COVID-19 patients using speech recognition and AI for patient monitoring as well as video projectors for personalized care. 

Captain Coach has worked with our pilot site Karolinska Institut.

Briefly describe your solution:

➡️Healthcare continuity and remote care are among the key components for tackling COVID related effects using technological solutions. People that get infected are better to remain at home, when admission to the hospital is not mandatory to reduce saturation and pressure on the healthcare system and avoid visiting the Emergency Departments. 

What are the results of the solution? 

➡️CAPTAIN-X offers a new, intuitive and easy way of remote care and monitoring, introducing a new hardware device that uses projections and voice interaction. CAPTAIN device provides symptom monitoring through dynamic questionnaires but also automatically captures cough, lips colour, emotion and external oximeter measurements.  

Who are the end users of the technology?

➡️CAPTAIN device can be provided to any patient that is visiting the hospital with COVID-19 symptoms and has a positive COVID test

Let us know the impact on society and patients:

➡️CAPTAIN reduces the mental burden of remembering to monitor symptoms as it motivates the user through a coaching and rewarding system that increases adherence. It becomes a gentle companion that helps to put the right patient in the right place.

What did you learn during the programme?

➡️The collaboration with Karolinska Institute provided us with important clinical insights that helped improve the quality of the product. The business and clinical coaching has helped our product evolve from a wellbeing coaching design to a remote care solution.

What was the part you enjoyed the most within the COVID-X programme?

➡️The pitching coaching and matchmaking event with healthcare professionals were very interesting and very well planned. 

Some testimonials:

➡️“The cough dataset collected from real home environments can boost the research potential of technological solutions in the fight against COVID” Prof. Panagiotis Bamidis, Chair of the Advisory Board

“Monitoring patients at home can enhance continuity of care and provide meaningful information to healthcare professionals”, Prof. Michail Doumas, Director of B Propaedeutics Pathology Clinic, Ippokrateion General Hospital

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