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Get to know more about ⚡️SEGTNAN⚡️ within the #COVIDXSuccessStories! A Scientific Solution that Bridges Nations at COVID-19 War Time: The Aim is a Global Defence Against Any Virus.

Synaptic has worked with our pilot site SERMAS (Servicio Madrileño de salud).

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Briefly describe your solution:

➡️A recently-developed scientific solution, coined the Segtnan after the team leader, combines medicine with computer science and AI to invent a highly accurate, inexpensive and time-saving medical testing method. The solution can connect the labs all around the world to an accumulated knowledge to fight viruses, and in the current context, COVID-19.

What are the results of the solution? 

➡️After adapting the Segtnan on 4,779 patients in areas with 39.4% and 0.1% point prevalence in Spain and Denmark, respectively, the solution was shown to withhold the gold-standard PCR test accuracy, with 24.8 – 76.1% cheaper cost, 32.4 – 77.0% less plastic use, and 13.5 – 47.6% less CO2 emissions. 

Who are the end users of the technology?

➡️Medical personnel around the globe that are handling virus testing and medical samples in either public or private labs, hospitals and test centres. 

Let us know the impact on society and patients:

➡️The impact of the Segtnan is a global defence against the present, and future pandemics, united across nations. Segtnan allows for the globalization of science and the scientific union of nations for defending our health in a war against viruses.

What did you learn during the programme?

➡️For us, the learning started from technical know-hows to commercial mentorship. Translating pure science to an applicable solution for society with full data privacy, details of clinical deployment, and working in a larger team are of such examples.

What was the part you enjoyed the most within the COVID-X programme?

➡️We appreciate the most the network of the F6/COVID-X team in different countries, which let us try to scale our solution to a global level. We indeed enjoy our close collaboration with SERMAS and UPM.

How was your experience?

➡️Our experience entails very good memories, especially concluding with a physical meeting with the COVID-X team at a joint conference in Barcelona. Our DNA to establish a scientific union between nations was more conspicuous during this work, as the COVID-X facilitated the international use of science as a tool to solve the global pandemic.

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