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Get to know more about ⚡️LOMT⚡️within the #COVIDXSuccessStories! A software for COVID-19 mass testing extending the standard processes of molecular testing for SARS-CoV-2 RNA with advanced data analytics and pool testing.

Jetware has worked with our pilot site Humanitas Research hospital.

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Briefly describe your solution:
➡️LOMT is a solution based on software and testing strategies for improving the mass testing for COVID. It optimises the molecular diagnostics for SARS-CoV-2 and allows laboratories to increase capacity by up to 10 times and reduce testing costs and time and manual labour.

What did you achieve? 
➡️We have successfully validated our solution in real-life hospital settings and even in the worst-case scenario, we get a high price and labour-saving.

Who are the end users of the technology?
➡️LOMT end users are hospitals, laboratories and nursing homes.

Let us know the impact on society and patients:
➡️By increasing the testing capacity and making the testing available for wider use, LOMT saves thousands of lives and contributes to stopping the COVID-19 epidemic.

How was your experience within COVID-X?
➡️We improved our understanding of healthcare stakeholders and a more precise position of our product for these stakeholders. And we finalised our commercialisation strategy with clear milestones and tasks that needed to be done.

What was the part you enjoyed the most within the COVID-X programme?
➡️The part of the COVID-X programme we enjoyed the most was working with our clinical partner Humanitas Research Hospital.

Kirill Vechera Anna Zhuravleva