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COVID-X aims to deliver a turnkey methodology to bridge the collaboration divide between eHealth solution
providers -with emphasis on lean startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)-, and the healthcare
professional system. The purpose is to boost an end-to-end agile validation programme of cutting-edge
technology in three real-world clinical scenarios, located in hotspots of the pandemic: Italy, Spain and Sweden.

The partners of the Consortium use material describing and reporting on technical outcomes, APIs, architectures, models, recommendations, promotional activities and any kind of insights acquired by the consortium will be made available in the form of deliverables will be made available through the project website and a public repository.

Find the latest deliverables here:

D2.3 – Final Sandbox Implementation and Services Provision: This deliverable presents the final release of the COVID-X Sandbox and describes the services offered, including data ingestion, annotation, harmonization, visualization, federated learning and validation, interoperable data access and retrieval, API connectivity and management.

D2.4 – First Report on interconnection of third parties, CI/CD and policies: This deliverable reports the planning for the third parties’ integration together with the different activities that have already been done to allow it and the documentation created for helping in the process.

D3.4 – CovidInnovation Intermediary report: This report focuses in two axes of COVID-X Programme; firstly, it gathers the key results from the COVID-X Open Calls 1 and 2, and, secondly, it provides the COVID-X community building action results.