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On the 14th of April the Marketing and Growth funnels webinar took place.

The session was conducted by Támas Békási, Business Development and Communication Expert, Innovation mentor, who works at the EIT Health. He gloriously performed this webinar for the OC solutions.

Some of the topics addressed during the webinar were: the mentality of marketing, personas and messaging, customer profiling, strategy and plan, building a vision, understanding the market, Essentials of KPIs, the plan, the funnels, conversions, etc.

Setting up a funnel starts with a thorough investigation of your potential customers, and how you can reach them and can help with your product or service. Then it is important to determine which phases your customers go through and with which communication you can respond to them. Think carefully about what you want to tell per phase and at which stage of the customer journey this fits in. Finally, it is very important to determine the turning point between marketing and sales.

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