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Listen to those inspirational talks that took place during the June COVID-X technical event, by Bruno Delepierre and Eivind Segtnan!

Bruno Delepierre, CEO at Happonomy, is an entrepreneurial soul, an avid fan of unleashing ideas that can change the world for the better. Passionate about people, their empowerment and their well-being. Curious how our world is what it is. Intrigued by our economy and the role it plays in the big theatre of life.

He has a triple master’s degree in corporate law, management and international business economics and started his career at the United Nations, then transferred to the international management consulting group Accenture, only to start his first own venture, an international digital agency, age 26. During that period Bruno saw the good, bad and ugly of traditional business and decided he wanted to contribute to a more sustainable, value-driven way of doing business. 

Today, he is currently enrolled in the behavioural economics PhD programme at Belgium university (KU Leuven), a member of the European Innovation Council, a talent scout for MIT but above all founder and coordinator of Happonomy, an international network organization which develops solutions for sustainable transformation in order to improve sustainability and our quality of life.

Eivind Segtnan, CEO at SYNAPTIC, started his development in the officer school within the Norwegian army’s long-range operations. In addition to being a philanthropist, he managed to build a school in Africa with minimal funding. And Today, more than 5000 children have learned to read and write because of him. Furthermore, a millionaire has built ten schools more as he got inspired by Segtnan’s endeavour as a young boy.

Later in life, he studied medicine and brain science and established his PhD thesis based on observations made during his medical studies.

In 2018 he cofounded Synaptic Apps, a MedTech startup, with a fellow MedicalDoctor Farzin Kamari, whose skills in mathematics, open-source programming, and health economics complement Segtnan’s strengths in leadership, networking, and project management. The focus was on integrating clinical understanding and artificial intelligence (AI). It is a company that applies scientific excellence to deliver next-gen diagnostic solutions to partners and patients.

Segtnan’s strengths were vital when Covid-19 became a reality in early 2020; he and Farzin Kamari decided to focus all their efforts on an innovative solution to assist governments, and health organisations overcome the pandemic.

Eiving Segtnan participates in the COVID-X programme during OC1 as a single solution name SEGTNAN.

The Segtnan solution combines mobile app technology with artificial intelligence and robotics to make a highly accurate, inexpensive, time-saving PCR testing system.

They were very engaging game-changer who knew how to get the most out of the programme.

Watch the videos and learn about sustainable entrepreneurship and find out how the COVID-X programme helped SEGTNAN solution to develop all its potential.

For more information about the solutions, visit Game Changers – COVID-X.