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On the 25th of January 2022, the COVID-X final Event OC1 took place. It was conducted by Rita Campos, Master of the ceremony, and by Justina Ivanova, Final Event Leader. Carlotta Cattaneo was the host representing the COVID-X consortium partners during the event.

We had a fantastic pitching contest full of good vibes. We could listen to an excellent jury who kept up with the event atmosphere and participated with very respectful and appreciated advice and questions without losing the nice and vibrant atmosphere of the event. 

The inspirational talk came from Bruno Delepierre, who gave us many tips and shared with us his professional experience. 

…and we also enjoyed many surprises: great prizes for the winners and an energising moment by Blanca Arregui


Each of the 15 solutions was asked to pitch their project, briefly showcasing their results and project highlights. The solutions use AI, Machine Learning, Data Management or IoT to address their challenges (Early detection, Innovative Diagnostics, Personalized Care, Remote Care, Recover & Open challenge) to fight against the pandemic.

The COVID-X OC1 Game Changers were: COVID-19 TRIAGE, IMMYOUNITY, COV-ART, DDRehab, KCOVRI, Gaston scholar, Covid@home, MADCAP, TRAJECT, Care4Covid, AVIATE, C@H, SEGTNAN, CAPTAIN-X and LOMT.


A special jury then evaluated the contestants with solid knowledge and skills in technology, business and healthcare.


All the Game Changers did great explaining their solutions and keeping the pitch on time. However, only three were awarded prizes for their outstanding performances in the end.

  • From the JURY: Covid@home
  • From the PEERS: Care4Covid

Covid@home is a team (formed by BeWell innovations & the Maria Middelares General Hospital)  solution that uses a tool for home care monitoring, leading to a better understanding of how to distribute the burden between hospital care the homecare.  They address the remote care challenge. 

SEGNANT is a single solution (Synaptic ApS) that uses Innovative AI software enabling individualised group testing at any laboratory. It addresses the innovative diagnostics to fight against the COVID-19.

Care4Covid / Healthentia  is a team solution (formed by Innovation Sprints and Agostino Gemelli IRCCS University Hospital Foundation) that helps healthcare providers to improve their COVID-19 resilience by managing COVID-19 related symptoms of patients and health workers from remote and providing targeted support and care guidelines to them. It addresses the remote care challenge.

The prize for the awarded solutions is an exhibition space at the 4YFN for two days and a ticket for the event’s four days. The winners will have a standing booth with their company name, logo, and short description in the exhibition.

The COVID-X Team is very proud of the achievements of the OC#1 solutions! And this event was a perfect place to enjoy the Game Changers’ community and the European spirit for overcoming the challenges together. 

You can check the Final event video at this link