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On the 8th of June, we had an exciting session about customer discovery and value proposition with Milan Steskal. This webinar is part of the acceleration programme in which the solutions selected (#GameChangers) for OC#1 are participating.

Milan is a product creator with a business drive and technical background, Milan has started helping make diabetes suck less at mySugr in 2018. He is currently leading the development of digital solutions that simplify life for people with diabetes. Before joining mySugr, Milan had spent 5 years with his own startup Mentegram where he focused mainly on business and product development, and fundraising. Then, he passed the company to a new CEO who is now successfully growing it in Australia.

Milan also wrote one of the best books that help your startup survive its first year. If you are interested, look for “How To Launch a Startup” on Amazon.

Within the latest session we could learn about customer segmentation, value proposition canvas and validation.