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On the 30th of September, SERMAS, one of the COVID-X partners, organized a special event to celebrate the European Night of Researchers.

The Innovation Unit of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos collaborates with the activities that the Foundation for Biomedical Research organized at the Hospital. On this occasion, a COVID-X booth helped explain the project to the general public.

Ignacio Martínez Capella, a member of the Innovation Unit’s Data Science Team, explained the COVID-X programme’s details.

The project aims to develop fast, innovative solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-X bridges the collaboration gap between eHealth start-ups and the professional healthcare system. The purpose is to promote an agile end-to-end validation program of state-of-the-art technology in three real-world clinical scenarios, located at critical points of the pandemic: Italy, Spain and Sweden.

The full article and the promotional video are available at those links (in Spanish): article & video.