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What two exciting days we lived on September 21 and 22! During those days Brussels became the scene for showcasing medical technologies developed by the companies supported by COVID-X, led by F6S, and Inno4cov-19, a project led by INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory.

#BackToAHealthyFuture aimed to emphasize the importance of the use of technology within the healthcare sector and exploit the results achieved within the two European projects, with the final goal of enhancing and fostering the uptake of the solutions presented, unlocking the full capacity of artificial intelligence and data technology solutions to overcome Healthcare/COVID-19 challenges, fast-tracking projects to market and save lives.

The event occurred in AREA 42, Brussels, linking 25 companies with critical stakeholders – from investors to potential collaborators, the European Commission and European partners.

Over a hundred participants had the chance to get to know the solutions, enter the discussion around relevant topics and participate in the matchmaking sessions with all the parties involved.

#BackToAHealthyFuture event day 1 had a fantastic atmosphere and it was a day full of provocative, inspirational talks at area 42 in Brussels.

The opening was given by Marco Marsella, from the European Commission, Marina Brito and Rita Campos. Irina Kalderon Libal also supported the European Commission’s participation at the event.

We were inspired by fabulous speakers: Henrik Ledgaard Ibsen, Jose Pedro Almeida, Marina Dias, Walter Eevers and ANDREAS LYMBERIS.

COVID-X Program and Inno4cov19 solutions had the chance to network at the exhibition part of area 42.

The COVID-X Program #GameChangers which participated in the event were:

Bio Logbook (Arnaud LECLEVE & Clément Bézier) |VoiceMed (Arianna Arienzo) | TRAK (Jon Vital Corres) | Legit.Health (Alfonso Medela) | BeWell Innovations (Joris Wille) | Qubiotech (Daniel Fernández Mosquera) | SYNAPTIC- Your Smart Lab (Eivind Antonsen Segtnan) | Ab.Acus srl (Valentina Simonetti & Maria Bulgheroni) | Hope Care, SA (Jose Paulo Carvalho) | BioAssist (Christos Panagopoulos). Look at this link‘s series of interviews of the the Game Changers during the event.

We also had representatives from the PREPARE cluster and the CORONAVIRUS-2B cluster joining us! Essence, Co-versatile and Eur3ka.

Meeting them was one of the best parts of the event. They are doing a great job by making a difference!

On the second day #BackToAHealthyFuture was full of stimulating discussions within the roundtables!

Roundtable 1 about Regulatory Barriers was composed by Sandra Ferretti, Irina Kalderon Libal, Marta Carnielli, Marco Pacchioni, Jose Manuel Laperal González and Dario Pirovano.

Roundtable 2 about Lessons Learnt had great professionals in it: Carlotta Cattaneo, Sokratis Nifakos, Ricardo Mexia, Saila Rinne, Mihaela Lupse and Josep Vidal-Alaball (MD, PhD, MPH).

Matchmaking sessions were very successful and the good news is that they continue one month after the event (in an online format through the platform Back to a Healthy Future – Info (

We also had so much fun with the Scavenger hunt! In which Christos Panagopoulos & Paris Gallos, from BioAssist, Despoina Gkatzioura from Eight Bells Ltd, Victoria Young from Inivos and Andrej Krpič from Smartcom became our scavenger hunt & gift winners in Area42, Brussels,21- 22 Sept 2022.

The coordinators of COVID-X and Inno4cov-19 share their experiences during the event!

An Interview with the European Officer Irina Kalderon Libal
Inspirational talks at the Back To A Healthy Future Event
Game Changers at the Back To a Healthy Future Event
Scavenger hunt winners and PREPARE and CORONAVIRUS-2B cluster booths.