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The COVID-X Program 1st Open Call closed on the 27th of January gathering 112 applications from data technology companies and healthcare providers coming from 29 different countries in Europe and beyond. Yesterday, the 16 selected single and team solutions were announced.

After the first pre-screening phase, 36 solutions were submitted to the full evaluation process. During the evaluation, independent external experts from technical and healthcare fields assessed the solutions, and the COVID-X partners carried out interviews to deepen understanding regarding the technical feasibility and the impact. Once the COVID-X team evaluation finished, there were 16 solutions (3 single solutions and 13 team solutions) to be funded. They have been notified on the 29th of March.

In addition to the direct funding, the COVID-X Programme provides the top-ranked solutions access in a tailored Acceleration Program that includes technical advice, business mentoring and support in piloting with healthcare organizations. This 10-month program targets to boost the quick market uptake and to contribute to defeating COVID-19 with data solutions.

During the onboarding process the COVID-X aim is to know more about the different solutions and the projects team, to identify and understand the needs and to tailor the programme as much as possible.
The next upcoming steps are as follows:

Kickoff Bootcamp (the 12th of April)
Onboarding phase (April21-May21)
Sprint #1 – (May21-July21)
Sprint #2 – (Aug21-Oct21)
Sprint #3 – (Nov21-Jan22)

The COVID-X Program team is delighted to welcome the 16 COVID-X Game Changers, and we are thrilled to work together for the next ten months until January 2022!