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The COVID-X team is honored to present  the  freshly onboarded 14 COVID-X data and AI Game Changers that were selected in the COVID-X Acceleration Programme after a careful evaluation process. 

The Open Call #2  resulted in the selection of 14 data-driven digital solutions, namely: RECAMOS3, AIDE-X, COVID-MRP, i-COVID, PREPARE, ART-COVID, Legit.Health COVID-1, suPARcharge, PAC Rehab, AIDA, OMMLOCO, TRAK COVID-19 and 2ti COVID-19. Vadi will also be funded within the OC2. These teams come from 8 European countries: Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

To have a better overview of the selected solutions, check out the OC#2 Results in a Nutshell.