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Get to know more about ⚡️AIDE-X⚡️ within the #COVIDXSuccessStories! Don’t miss out on our #GameChangersInterviews!

What is the solution about? 

➡️AIDE-X is a software leveraging artificial intelligence to provide early diagnosis of Covid-19, given X-ray images. The software should allow a better triage of patients coming to ER, thus leading to better use of resources in intensive care units (ICUs)

What did you achieve? 

➡️We validated the solution using the covid-x dataset, and obtained classification performances in line with our KPs (sensitivity >=0.8, precision >=0.8, accuracy >=0.8) for 3 class-classification (covid-pneumonia, no pneumonia and other pneumonia).

Who are the end users of the technology?

➡️ Radiologists

Let us know the impact on society and patients

➡️The ability to recognize the different types of pneumonia early will allow a more tempest treatment of the patient with reduced recovery in ICUs.

Give us a hint about the learnings from the COVID-X programme

➡️We learnt the most critical steps that, starting from a successful idea, lead to the development of a product

How was your experience within COVID-X?

➡️“COVID-X Programme has been a good learning experience and increased my motivation to work in the healthcare sector. Furthermore, we have met interesting individuals with whom we may have future collaborations” J. Prada – Head of Machine Learning Sigesa

What was the part you enjoyed the most about the COVID-X programme?

➡️I appreciated the fact of being able to see both the technical and business-related activities that lead to the creation of a product, especially for the latter on which we were more lacking

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