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Get to know more about ⚡️RECAMOS3⚡️ within the #COVIDXSuccessStories! Don’t miss out on our #GameChangersInterviews that are meant to close the journey for the OC2 solutions!

What is the solution about? 
➡️ We are building a personalised support service for patients with lung cancer and COVID19, emphasising long-COVID. This is important because the side effects are similar and their combination can be very detrimental to patients’ well-being. Our approach starts with a pilot of remote care to optimise for feasibility and effectiveness.

What did you achieve? 
➡️ We have found that it is pretty challenging to get patients with multiple comorbidities, including COVID19, to engage in digital solutions. This is complicated further by the typical age of lung cancer patients (65+). However, those who do engage appear to benefit from the services.

Who are the end users of the technology?
➡️ They are currently patients with lung cancer and COVID19. Future end-users, after successful pilots, will include healthcare professionals.

Let us know the impact on society and patients
➡️1) Patients receive personalised support that helps them overcome side effects and improve their quality of life. 2) The remote, asynchronous, scalable type of support can help keep them away from hospitals if possible, leading to reduced risks & costs.

Give us a hint about the learnings from the COVID-X programme
➡️ There were significant learnings about the unique needs of patients with cancer & COVID19, on online engagement & support. We also had a very positive experience with the mentors and learned a lot from our clinical partner, Karolinska Institutet.

How was your experience within COVID-X?
➡️ The COVID-X programme has been very well organised and neatly planned. There were several resources to utilise and also many mentors with strong complementary backgrounds and experiences to tap for knowledge, advice and networking. We were often challenged throughout the programme, in a very positive way, which has been quite fruitful.

What was the part you enjoyed the most within the COVID-X programme?
➡️Many parts were quite helpful. The 1-to-1 mentor sessions were a very positive experience. The discussions were quite fruitful and the learnings can be applied in several directions in the future.