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The COVID-X Acceleration programme offers technical sessions for all the SMEs selected in the programme under Open Calls 1 and 2. And we are delighted to share a new piece of these mentoring sessions with You! 

The session was conducted by Sofía Tsekeridou, from Netcompany-Intrasoft and it was about Onboarding Sandbox Introduction & Technical KPIs .

Some of the topics addressed were: Introduction to the COVID-X Sandbox, Technical KPIs per Sprint, Main challenges and ways ahead for joint collaboration, etc.

The Sandbox is a data-centric ecosystem of core enabling services that collectively: Enables seamless, unified and interoperable access to annotated and cataloged health and other data from heterogeneous data sources: both historical data from health care providers or open data (where needed); Provides data/metadata management, harmonization, storage, querying and retrieval, access, visualization and federated learning services; Coupled with advanced security services enabling RBAC, secure encrypted communications; and an API Gateway for both data integration as well as software tools integration from third parties.

If you are keen on learning about the sandbox listen to our online webinar!

  • Enjoy your listening, COVID-X Team