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4YFN, the meeting point for startups, investors and large corporations has gained importance within the MWC, and COVID-X were in Barcelona this year to live the experience of being part of it. Hall 6 was hosting tech startups, many of them health related.

The COVID-X programme started in December 2020. Now OC1 solutions have already finished the three Sprints of the acceleration programme. Big applause to them!

OC2 solutions just finished the first one but they are full of energy to complete the other two in the next months.

We can say that it has been a long road working together to get to 4YFN. This event has been an opportunity for the Game Changers: Covid@Home (Be Well innovations), Healthentia – Care4Covid (Innovation SPRINT), Segtnan (Synaptic), DDRehab (Ab.Acus), PREPARE (Kido Dynamics), Legit Health COVID-1 (Legit.Health) to be known to other companies and healthcare providers worldwide. Thanks to their booths, they could interact with the attendants, explain their solutions and talk about their achievements. We are very proud of our Game Changers as many organisations were interested in their solutions and could arrange some meetings with clients and end-users.

In addition, this event has meant face-to-face meetings with the programme’s partners (F6S, SERMAS,Bosonit, Civitta & AUSTRALO. netcompany-intrasoft, UPM and Eight Bells). During those three days, we could work together and set up some action points to boost the programme in the upcoming months.

The technical partners of the COVID-X consortium ( netcompany-intrasoft, UPM and Eight Bells) were able to explain the sandbox requirements at the COVID-X booth.

Thank you, Barcelona for being such a nice place to meet!