The 1st stage of the OC#2,  running  for  seven  weeks  from  early  June  until  the  22nd  of  July  2021,  attracted  a  total of  79 applications  from  23  European  countries.  After  an  internal  eligibility  screening  and  evaluations,  39 applications were  invited to apply  for the 2nd stage, that  ran from the 7th of August  until the 16th of September 2021, resulting in 37 submitted applications. The selected solutions will join the COVID-X Acceleration programme from November 2021 until July 2022.

Now, that the external evaluation process of the 2nd application phase is complete and the programme is happy to announce the selected candidates: RECAMOS3, AIDE-X, COVID-MRP, i-COVID, PREPARE, ART-COVID, Legit.Health COVID-1, suPARcharge, PAK Rehab, AIDA, OMMLOCO, TRAK COVID-19 and 2ti COVID-19. These teams come from 8 European countries: Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Denmark and United Kingdom.

COVID-X, supported by the European Commission under Horizon2020 Programme, runs a unique 10-month acceleration program for 30+ close-to-market data and AI-driven solutions boosting their market uptake to support healthcare systems and to save lives of coronavirus patients. 

COVID-X will fund EU Companies and Healthcare Providers to boost data-driven solutions with the power to overcome challenges in Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Follow-up. The funding is invested in products with TRL 7+ and [or in the process of] CE marking, covering two profiles: single players (EU Tech SMEs / Start-Ups) validating their solutions at one of COVID-X clinical partners; or team (Tech Provider working with a Healthcare provider that will validate the solution).

In addition to the direct funding, the COVID-X Programme provides the top-ranked solutions access in a tailored Acceleration Program organized in 3 sprints of 3 months, and that includes technical coaching business mentoring sessions as well as support in ethical issues and piloting with healthcare organizations. This 10-month program targets to boost the quick market uptake to defeat COVID-19 with data solutions.

Our COVID-X team is looking forward to start working with these novel and motivating solutions! Meet you in the onboarding session to kick-off the Acceleration!

Find the Press Release at this link.